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Capacity Building

Edgardo Sobenes has extensive practical experience in international litigation before the International Court of Justice and in dealing with States and their legal teams. As a result of his experience, he has been able to recognize that not enough States have acquired the necessary expertise towards complex inter-state litigation before international courts and tribunals.


To respond to this urgent need, Mr. Sobenes has developed an integral training programme for States' officials. This training programme is aimed at improving States’ legal capacity and procedural understanding of international litigation, both from the State and  the Court’s perspective. It provides States’ legal departments with the tools to judiciously manage their resources while maximizing their chances at a successful resolution of their litigation.


The training programme is targeted at senior and junior officers, lawyers and diplomats. All training programmes are tailor-made and adapt to the specific needs of the client. Among the key objectives of the course are: the transfer of necessary knowledge that allows the creation of self-governing professional within the States; a clearer understanding of the law and procedural aspects of international litigation and the mechanism for the pacific settlement of disputes; a holistic understanding of the connection between international law, diplomacy, and foreign legal policy; the preparation and presentation of the evidence; and an integral comprehension of the establishment and management of international legal teams. 


Questions about the programme?

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