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Edgardo  has vast experience in Latin America,  Europe and offers his legal services in Spanish and English.



Counsel and Legal Adviser

As an international lawyer, Edgardo has  provided legal counselling and assistance in several (11) inter-state cases before the International Court of Justice on issues concerning state responsibility, use of force, land and maritime boundary delimitation, law of the sea, international water law, the law of treaties, right to self-determination and environmental law. In addition, Edgardo assists States in the mediation and conciliation of disputes, and in negotiation of agreements with other States.


He has an active advisory practice, evaluating risks and opportunities presented by issues of public international law. Edgardo takes the time to understand all clients' immediate and long-term issues and offers individualized and personalized services to all his clients.

Case Management

Edgardo's  skills and services help his clients  to judiciously manage their resources while maximizing their chances at a successful resolution of their litigation. As a former senior diplomat and legal advisor, Edgardo has a unique experience in coordinating and managing legal teams. For almost a decade, he has coordinated international lawyers of the highest level in complex proceedings before the ICJ and international experts in various technical-legal proceedings.

He facilitates the coordination of all work-streams and activities to ensure a collaborative and consistent team work during all the stages of the case, including the selection of the best legal team to deliver the highest-quality legal work and the adoption of the best litigation strategy for each case.


He has assisted with the coordination of  30 written proceedings (Application, Memorial, Counter-Memorial, Reply, Rejoinder, Preliminary Objections and others), organized and coordinated more than 12 oral hearings and has been involved in the implementation of more than 12 Judgments and Orders issued by the International Court of Justice.

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